• Capacity range 13 – 72 Ah.
• Extraordinary energy density.
• Long service life in float charge.
• High voltage supply stability.
• Wide temperature range.
• Robust construction.
• Ability to accept fast charge.
• Long shelf life for maximum flexibility in project execution.


Long-term cost savings: The EnerSys GENESIS EP range is made from the highest purity materials, which is key to battery performance and battery life. That means fewer replacements, higher reliability and fewer failures.
Compared to other lead acid products, which offer up to 200 full cycles, the GENESIS battery offers up to 400 cycles. Conventional sealed lead-acid batteries have a useful life in stand-by mode of 3 to 6 years (at 20ºC). GENESIS, however, offers a 10-year perspective at 25ºC. At 20 ºC, GENESIS offers 15 years of useful life..