Ground current supervised sensitive ground fault protection for detection of ground faults down to 5% of the winding
Temperature monitoring via remote RTD’s using the RMIO
Universal CT inputs and assignable CT inputs
Powerful Security and hierarchical password control for centralized management
Drawout design simplifies testing, commissioning and maintenance, thereby increasing process uptime
Switchgear diagnostics and easy troubleshooting
Digital Output Test Mode
Environmental monitoring system to monitor operating conditions and plan preventative maintenance


Designed for the protection, control and management of power transformers as primary or backup protection device; contains a full range of self-contained protection and control elements as well as advanced communications, metering, monitoring and diagnostics.

The Multilin 345 provides secure high-speed protection with improved energization inhibiting, field-proven algorithms and reliable protection to avoid unwanted trips or under-protection and integrated transformer thermal monitoring for asset management maintenance optimization